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a Nigger
Damn that Chitum is black as the ace of spades
Piss Pot Pete가 작성 2008년 09월 23일 (화)
A Blonde haired goddess. Not too tall in stature. Great smile very easy to fall in love with. Whimsicle voice thats great on the ears. All in all Awesome.
Whats that beautiful sound? Oh thats Chita singing over there.
Lucky Man가 작성 2012년 09월 17일 (월)
To be white or pale
Anyone Chita
ChickenWing420가 작성 2010년 11월 01일 (월)
whites (heroin,coke)

white male

term used by pakistani,indians and other asians
have you got some chita

look at that chita
usama butt가 작성 2008년 02월 04일 (월)
A Dark Ass Nigga
Damn Chita, I almost didn't see you in the dark.
bitchesbtrippin가 작성 2014년 06월 10일 (화)
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