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Chin Up Rocky is a five piece pop-punk band from Portland, OR. Their music corresponds with the gloomy overcast and rain of Portland, but in the meantime, projects a positive vibe, which is to keep your chins up.

Jacob Pratt-Vocals
Scotty Fisher-Lead Guitar/Vocals
Jason McGhee-Bass/Vocals
Dalon Adair-Drums
David Marcy-Rhythm Guitar
I heard that Chin Up Rocky's new EP, "We Are..." will actually increase your chances of getting laid.
SensitivePickle가 작성 2011년 05월 19일 (목)
"...Portland based Chin Up Rocky, mixing elements of pop, screamo, punk and what many are calling post-hardcore. Chin Up Rocky carries a positive if not happy tone that still has enough bite to induce you to get low."

In late 2006 Chin Up Rocky began with five young individuals that shared their love of music. Throughout the years people left and people changed. Every minuscule detail has brought the band to where they are today. From the pop punk influences that they grew up with to the hardcore and progressive influences of today, Chin Up Rocky has developed their own style that uses all of the above. In 2010 Chin Up Rocky has their current members that all have put their heart and soul into the new Self-Titled EP.
Chin Up Rocky is in love with you. How do you feel about that? ... Ladies!?
MiniMacScreams가 작성 2010년 09월 21일 (화)
The name of a band originated in Portland, Oregon, by members of Parkrose High School. Their music type could be classified as "punk-pop" and takes influence from bands such as Reel Big Fish.

Jordan "Scotty" Fisher - Rhythm guitar and backup vocals
Jacob "J-Kizzle" Pratt - Vocals and Keyboard
Ryan "Chopsticks" Hanke - Lead guitar
Jason "Wee little Irishman" McGhee - Lead bass guitar
Peter "P-Unit" Lundburg - Drums
Man, did you hear Chin Up Rocky playing at the Satricon yesterday? They about blew my mind! That one song of their, Jack Slap Cheer, is like an orgasm of the ears.
Ginger59가 작성 2007년 11월 11일 (일)
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