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An elite group of engineers, that may go under cover as a "chemical engineer"

They run the power industries, design plants and the processes that go on in them and the machines and measuring devices in them. They make plastics, pulp and paper, nuclear power, hyrdo, petrol, as well as clean the water and the air.

At the ChemE training institutions, young padawans battle against lots and lots of calculus, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, material science, electronics, physics and chemistry. ChemE's are the ones that decide if the vessel can withstand the pressure generated as the reaction takes place in the factory. If not, a ChemE will always find ways to fix it. It takes a vigorus course load and plenty of studying to compleate a degree in chemical engineering, and even more enduring, strenuous, arduous, laborious, punishing, fatiguing training in order to become one with the force and to become a true ChemE
Education Major- "Look at those losers that live in the library, burried under their books, and they cant even graduate in 4 years!"
Comunications Major- "Khahahahahaha! Hey its 1:30, skools out, lets get outta here!"

A few years later...
Poor Hungry Education Major - "Hey who are those guys rollin around in the S55 AMGs, and M3s?"
Sorry Communications Major- "Oh, umm... those are those ChemE's we used to make fun of"
a ChemE in training가 작성 2006년 06월 17일 (토)
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