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A Louisiana city, in St. Bernard Parish, destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. They are holding it down south of The Dell, east of NOLA (504), and north of Plaquemines. Chally is the classiest city known to man. Home of the taper-fade, fleur de lis tatts, the most guido/guidette wanna-bes ever. Clamidia and Herpes have originated here. This place is also know as Chalsleezy.

Also home too Chalsleezy High School, where the Fighting Owls fight for victory... EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT. Make sure you stay strapped, 'cause So Spicy and the Southern Boys are always lookin for some rounds. Don't forget to check out the Chalmette Movies while you are down, they only have movies released before 1975. And yes, just like before Katrina, your feet will continue to stick to the floor (it was part of the renovation process) to give it that "homey" feeling. Head downaroad to catch you some schrimp & Oystas with the YATTIES in Delacroix. You know you are in DA PARISH once you get that raunchy wiff of the Murphy & Mobile Refineries.

Although you will want to stay forever, we probably don't want you to.
"Have you been to Chalmette recently?"
-"No, why? What's been poppin' in the Sleeze?"
"Nothing, it's just classier then ever."
Chalmetterat가 작성 2011년 01월 01일 (토)
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