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South African YouTuber.great body many bideos feature him topless.born on 24.4.94 -London,then moved2South Africa,now moved back his flatmate is Alfie aka pointless blog, theyre planning to move to Brighton.Caspar has a quirky, cool, and very loveable personality.different types of humour in his videos engages a huge audience, a few YouTube channels when he was younger. Now he creates and uploads his videos to, “dicasp.” funny videos about the most random topics! Many videos star his mum, dogs, sister or friend. His "Dicasp"He decided to call his account 'dicasp' /director caspar.
'daily' vlogging on 'morecaspar' he has missed a few days of videos but I'll forgive him. facebook fanpage casplee.He is often live on his online profiles of mainly blogTV (dafrica) and YouNow. Viewers can chat to him live as they watch. Twitter @Caspar_Lee. Caspar is on other social networking websites too. If you watch one of his videos his links are in he bio.Caspar is single, Chloe Louise Abigail Ellam hopes to get marry him.well-known YouTubers are fans, and even sometimes refer to him in their videos. He is popular around the world as in town! Some fans create videos in honour of him and post them on YouTube.
ILOVEYOU caspar Richard lee

south african vlogging caspar blogtv
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