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: A group of retarded, mostly fat as shit, wiggers from Nashville, TN that dropped out of high school to rap. They rap about how much money they have and their Myspace is all about how much money they got. The funny thing is that they suck, they're retarded, they're hill billy inbred white trash, and completely broke. The only way they stay dry, warm, and so fat is by combining their welfare checks and stealing their foster parents' EBT cards.

They have videos on Myspace and YouTube. Just look up Stunna615 or 615Stunna. Try not to kill yourself after witnessing their wiggerdom.

They're so pathetic that you'd think it's fake, but they have the tattoos to prove they really think they're rappers.

They also claim to be trying to get their songs played at Titans games. That's not a good idea because Kerry Collins hates niggers.

I'd rather pull a Jett Travolta and bash my skull against a bath tub than watch their retarded shit. If Kid Rock aborted a fetus inside Courtney Love by injecting Jim Beam and sulfuric acid into her rotten vagina, Cashville Money Squad is what would dribble out.
Jewsus Chrizzist가 작성 2009년 01월 09일 (금)
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