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A Comedian famous for his race humor. Has recently been given a show called "Mind of Mencia". He is highly unimaginative since the only thing he can do is play the Race Card. Which is almost as bad as constantly using the "I'm a guy, we're not complicated" Card which most other unimaginative comedians use. I hope he can think of some new material for his and his shows sake.
Carlos Mencia can make fun of retarded people too! DER DER DER!
CorrodedBeing가 작성 2005년 08월 31일 (수)
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A white man in a hispanic suit, programmed to destroy jokes, racial equality, and all intelligence.
Oh it's Mind of Mencia, starring Carlos Mencia, let me get my remote.
SACSlym가 작성 2006년 04월 09일 (일)
a comedian of Honduran-German descent, calling himself Mexican, who considers himself controversial and funny
Bob- "Did you see Carlos Mencia last night? What a funny Mexican. He shows its okay to use the word beaner."
Carlos- "What are you talking about? He's not even Mexican. Dumb ass!"
ChinaGirl가 작성 2005년 09월 09일 (금)
A comedian on a show called 'Mind of Mencia' on Comedy Central. He tries to be offensive by being all racist all the time. Woo. He's so bad. There are three reactions to his comedy:

1. People who applaud him for his 'refreshing political incorrectness' and say how stupid people are who are offended by him.

2. People who are offended, not realizing that's what he's relying on in the first place. Tard. Also falling under this category; so-called patriot fanatics who protect the USA without realizing it hasn't really been attacked in the first place.

3. People who despise him, because he calls himself edgy and talks about how many people hate him. Generally, sensible people.
Person 1: "On Mind of Mencia last night, Carlos Mencia said that black people were lazy and Mexican people cross the border! It was so funny!!"

Person 2: "Oh my god. That pisses me off so much. I know for a fact that not all black people are lazy. I have a few good black co-workers! Also, that bitch is anti-American! I should kick his ass!"

Person 3: "Wake up. You're both tards."
That Fuzz가 작성 2006년 04월 24일 (월)
born Ned Arnell Holness October 22, 1967. Comedian, Actor, Writer, and Television Show Host.
Took the stage name Carlos Mencia in the early-mid 90's and started performing his stand-up comedy act in the L.A. comedy scene at venues such as The Comedy Store and The L.A. Cabaret. Throughout the years, Mencia has released 7 CD's, 4 televised comedy specials, and has various television cameo appearances. Mencia finally got a regualar weekly half-hour slot on Comedy Central called Mind of Mencia in June of 2005.
Mencia's comedy is highly controversial. His general material focus is race, religion, and social class. He also pokes fun at the physically handicapped, and the mentally impaired. The vast majority of the American viewing public dislike Carlos Mencia's routine, and not because of his offensive conduct- but because of his lack of comedic talent. His loud, in-your-face presentation and delivery seem to upset more people than make them laugh. Also, his material is not broad. He stays away from other popular issues, and sticks with race.
People that like Mencia feel that his critics dislike him because of his controversial material, when actually they(WE) dislike him because of his poor delivery, his obnoxious presentation, and his narrow range of material.
I'd rather sit on a bed of dicks and have you piss on my face than watch Carlos Mencia perform.
bullfr0g가 작성 2006년 06월 10일 (토)
A man who thinks he's a comedian because he rehashes unfunny versions of jokes he stole from other comedians.

He seems to have delusions of grandeur, as his commercials and joke deliveries convey an attitude of "I'm bad because I said that! You wouldn't have the guts to laugh!" or "If you don't know who I am, you've been living under a fucking rock!"

He's a pathetic little miscreant who gives himself "scary" nicknames like "The Punisher" the way an eight-year-old without any friends would.

He's also half Honduran and half white, pretending to be Mexican when in reality he has no Mexican blood at all. Because of this being part of his thinly-veiled schtick, he overuses the phrases "wetback" and "beaner," trying to be offensive and funny.

The only way he is offensive is because his "comedy" is so painfully unfunny, yet he thinks he's the funniest, most offensive comedian out there.
Bill, "Hey look! Mind of Mencia is on! Carlos is so funny because he says things that are supposed to really offend people!"

John, "Carlos Mencia is not edgy or bad. He's pathetic."
Someone you'd like to know가 작성 2006년 08월 14일 (월)
N. a "comedian" who has abosolutely no comedic value to his shitty ass name. always rips on peoples races and is trying to be the next dave chapelle. recently has been given a show where he screams and pokes fun at white people, black people, beaners, asians, and muslims.

V. to suck a whole load of dick
carlos mencia should have won the biggest douche of the universe award. damn you john edward you took the glory from carlos mencia!
Comedy Central created mind of mencia as a last ditch effort for ratings seeing as dave chapelle wasnt coming back.
el reye가 작성 2006년 08월 05일 (토)

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