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This school is a bunch of rich kids that have been together from Pre-k to 12th grade. They don't act spoiled at all and really like to help other people in the area. They like to donate a shit ton of money to charities without caring where it goes and just are overall really chill in any decision they make. This is because 90% of the school uses weed on a daily bases and come to school stoned out of their minds. Many teachers have been fired because they fucked under aged girls while they were high. In school the kids are great to each other but once out of school it turns into a total drama mosh pit! It is as if almost everyone has an alter-ego. The so called "social system" between kids is horrible, if you don't get drunk every weekend, get high all the time or fuck someones brains out you simply are not cool. A lot of the girls are drama queens and sluts, most of the guys are laid back friends, which is great cause the weed almost always cancels out the alter-ego.Now don't get me wrong the kids that are off of drugs and actually concentrate on the great curriculum the school has, they get to places like UCLA and Duke, but that's like barely any and there self confidences plummet even when they get accepted to a good college because they were labeled nerds all their lives . After all its a college prep school so they wanna get all the drinking, smoking and fucking done so they'll be ready in college;)
Person A:"Oh dude I got so high last night and fucked my girlfriend when she was on that hard liquor but now I gotta go to school"
Person B: "You must go to the Canterbury school of Florida?"
Person A: "Hell yeah!"
Person B:"Thought so!"
Godhatesbeingsober가 작성 2013년 12월 04일 (수)

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