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The California Culinary Academy (CCA) is a Le Cordon Blue school located in San Francisco, California. The CCA is a French style fine dining cooking school. The few students that actually end up graduating usually end up working at Applebees or the Olive Garden after doing free labor called an "externship" at a 3-5 star restaurant . The student population is made up of slutty girls with warped self images, ex carnies from the south, obese people, perverted old men, stoners, cocaine abusers, other substance abusers, alcoholics, ex criminals including sex offenders. The chef instructors and staff are just as bad as the students. More than 30% of the students to do not graduate. Some are just lazy and never took it seriously in the first place, and others just ruin their lives by partying it up in San Francisco and never amount to anything. Attending the CCA and getting a shitty chef job after school will never pay off the forty six grand in loans for tuition and thousands of other loans taken out for housing. If you attend the CCA, you are either a pervert, alcoholic, stoner, junky, creep, or all of the above. If you attend CCA, you can actually get a good culinary education if you take it seriously. But usually once you arrive, you'll just become a junky like the rest of the students.
I attended the California Culinary Academy (CCA) to become a chef. Now I am just an alcoholic.
Slutty Wolf가 작성 2009년 12월 27일 (일)
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