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Sister high school to CB East, and CB South. At West, the kids all know and like each other. You can bet that almost every kid has dip, cigs, cigars, or bud in their backpacks. Except on Friday, thats drug dog day. We'll occasionally fight back and forth with Students from East, but the Tohickon Middle School split is starting to put an end to that. Most of the pranks are friendly. We definitely have cliques here, but when you're in class, or if you have bud, you're suddenly all united. Looks doesn't matter much here, you can get away with almost anything. But pretty much every guy has nike/adidas shoes and socks on. The sports teams are not bad at all, and we strive in certain ones rather then others. Sometimes the tensions Between East and West get to saying one or the other doesn't have a future, but the ironic part is the PSSA scores are practically identical, as well as SAT's. There is typical hysteria that, "west is poor," because of the kids that grow up in town. This is inaccurate however though because the houses in town are worth a very good amount, some worth more then those of East students. In the end though, all the Central Bucks schools are friendly with each other, and West is a great school to go to.
CBSChools가 작성 2012년 01월 08일 (일)
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