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CAPAZCEPA International Fraternity and Sorority of the Philippines. Founded February 14, 1972 and recognized on February 14, 1974 in Siliman University Dumaguete City, Philippines

Additional Notes:

Martial Law was declared on September 21, 1972 by the late Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos, The Fraternity and other organizations became the target of military harassment. Believing that these fraternities posed a threat to the order and stability of the Marcos regime. Struggling from the effects of Martial Law which suspended all fraternal and organizational activities in the collegiate levels.

- John Roland Magpayo ( Beta Panabo Chapter )

Our Founders edited our by-laws kasi 1972 it was also the year martial law was declared so our by-laws back then was not a fraternity in nature kasi bawal ang mga fraternity and sorority during that time kaya nga naging capazcepa ang pangalan natin para di mahalata.

- Michael Sing ( Alpha Chapter )

1972 Natukod na xa. and dili pa recognized (Registered) ang CAPAZCEPA sa University 2ngod sa Martial Law ... 1974 Na Registered na and Recognized na ang CAPAZCEPA sa Siliman University...
Its a Big Difference between Founded and Recognized ( Registered )

- Erickson Ang ( Beta HCDC Chapter )

Official Website :http:\\
Created By : Erickson Ang ( Beta HCDC Chapter ) Davao City
Year Started : 2001
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