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The penetration of a cellular phone into ones anus.
A back and forth motion is always applied in this act.
Buttifs are usually done with the application of lubrecation.
This is a form of sodomy and should be done with a professional. Make sure to consult a doctor before commit this act for it can cause --> runny ass,dry mouth,upset stomach,leaking tender thigh juices,bleeding anal cavity,massive dirreah,your face on you-tube,laughed at by the myspace community,parents disowning you and selling all of your items on ebay and calling you there 2nd daughter, and death.
Buttif ; verb

Bob : Well the kids are gone...... pause

Ralf: Well ....... pause

Bob: Do you want to try this new game called "Buttif ?"

Ralf: Scratching head ...whats "Buttif"?

Bob: Let me show you silly laughing and going to the bed room and getting a cellphone

Bob: Im back

Ralf: I missed you

Bob: I was only gone for a few minutes, hun

Ralf: But I missed you crying and masturbating

1 hour later

Ralf: Crying Ahhhhhhh that hurt , ahhh It feels like im pooping every time I sit down.. tears

Bob: I still have a signal smiling

Aaron...aunit가 작성 2007년 04월 07일 (토)
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