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A person that you aren't exactly friends with on a daily basis, you only hang out to smoke. He/She might not be the coolest person to be around, but luckily for you all you do with them is smoke and said person leaves. The reason you smoke with them can vary, but its usually because they buy the weed and will willingly burn you up in belief theres more to the friendship.

Its much like a Fuck Buddy but with weed instead of sex. And someone can be hurt in the process.
"Dude why are you with that guy, he's a douchebag"
"Relax, he's just my bud buddy"

"Hey man do you wanna go to that party tonight?"
"Nah...I'm good"
"Why man"
"{Sigh} we're not really boys like that"
"Your just my bud buddy"
"Yea im sorry man, i thought we'd smoke that one time at that party and we'd never see each other again, but the next week no one had weed on them and i remembered you said you had an O so i called you, I'm sorry, it was supposed to be a one-time thing!"
"But....i love you"
"We just smoke together man, now unless you have a blunt in your pocket I think you should leave"
"Well, all those times I was really stoned, I Faked it!"
"Then why would you smoke with me?"
"Cuz I thought we could be real friends"
"Sorry man...your a douchebag, my friends wouldnt approve"
Wu-Tang Man가 작성 2008년 01월 09일 (수)
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