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a longtime friendship that started off as a bromance but has started to grow stale & repetitive. either or both parties of the bromance have started to take the other for granted & will assume that the other will "always be there" even though you've done nothing but go to the movies, ordered food, played videogames or picked on each others faults & insecurities for the last few months. paranoia and jealousy may arise if either party starts courting a new possible match for bromance.
ryan and duncan's bromance lasted for about 8 years before it turned into a sort of brotrimony. last night the three of us were hanging out and all pat could do was critique duncan's inability to touch any public doorknobs or salt shakers. duncan was later asked me how he could have wasted nearly a decade with him & wondered if i wanted to hang out next tuesday which is typically their game night.
notpip가 작성 2009년 04월 06일 (월)
When two dudes become friends again after having a dudevorce. They realize that their fight over the girl that they did fight over was a total bitch and so they forget about me, shake hands and become bro's again. Remember..bro before hoes baby. (No Homo)
Dude 1: Hey.

Dude 2: Hi.

Dude 1: That girl we fought over was a total bitch.

Dude 2: Your right. Lets get a brotrimony?

Dude 1: Definitely. Lets go.
Special Kavorkian가 작성 2009년 04월 28일 (화)
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