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World Of Warcraft Community Manager (Moderator)

Blizzard CM's are already a barely functioning, feckless component of the poorly run and managed, official WoW message boards. If you could single out any one that makes the miserable corporate chaff look sparkling by comparison, it would be Bornakk.

Most are already, biased, unprofessional, snarky, fanboi nerds with mod privileges but, still manage to accidentally stumble back-asswards into doing their jobs once of twice a year.

Not Bornakk. Bor has decided to reduce his existence to that of a forum troll who can ban.

Abusing his questionably given power by becoming a bully, an unfunny douchebag and all around unhelpful, annoyance. He is a blemish, that stands out on Blizzard's already blemish-ridden face.
He is also notoriously arrogant, stupid and dense. Repeatedly missing the point of any message leveled at him, almost to the point of seemingly concerted effort and, refusing to accept even the slightest criticism.

He's like a self centered teenager who has been given authority.

Famous for spamming the CM feedback email in place of facing an argument.

Easily done in by simple logic, Bornakk ignores all but one or two posts in a sea of counterpoints, to reply with nothing more than sarcasm, flamebait or, a reply so dense and irrelevant that the original point may have actually earned frequent flyer miles.
Blizzard CM's are a waste of space.

Bornakk is a waste of a CM position.
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flowersinmidgar2가 작성 2009년 05월 01일 (금)
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