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A typical right wing radical with an IQ of 80 who watches too much anti-illegal immigrant propaganda from Faux News or reads up on other nativist, immigrant restrictionist, or neo-nazi websites.

They suffer from physical conditions like "Little Man Syndrome" and often have to compensate their small penis size and screwed up lives with purchasing a huge rifle and joining nazi organizations cloaked as American Patriotism. Such organizations are called Minutemen or the more mainstream Tea Bagger movement.

These Border Nazi's all divorced their wife's & abandoned their kids and choose a life of living in tents, double wide trailers, trucks or simply sleeping on the floor at so called Mexican-American border hot spots looking out for Speedy Gonzalez or illegal immigrants trying to cross the border in hopes of getting a piece of the "American Dream". During slow days Border Nazi's talk about NASCAR, Ronald Reagan, what dirt taste like, how much Jesus hates gays, how much they hate Islam and how much they hate Barrack & Michelle Obama.
I was driving south on the 5 fwy and I seen some Border Nazi's chasing some Mexicans back into Mexico.
The Infamous Rico가 작성 2011년 11월 12일 (토)
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