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A Worm who managed to procure the "latest device" from another worm and proceeded to blow shit up using this device (including himself).
And then friend threw it; The latest device. Boggy B went and got it, against all advice.
"What the?" *BOOOM!!*
Kyle Rodgers가 작성 2003년 09월 23일 (화)
Boggy B is a character from the Worms series, a sadly underrated British turn-based strategy artillery video game series developed by Team17 Digital Ltd.

Boggy B is an elite military soldier and a legendary hero, somewhat well-known by Worms fans like me, and the mascot of Team17. He's most likely the primary protagonist of Worms, with Spadge (his best friend, and possibly his brother according to Wormsong 2003, but it is uncertain) as the possible deuteragonist, even though Worms doesn't have much of a story. The Wormsongs (composed by Bjorn Lynne) are soundtracks but also narrated stories based on Boggy B's battles, and are probably the greatest and most unique video game soundtracks ever composed.

There are four Wormsongs, but I can't write them all down or explain what happened, since it'd be too long. Go to Worms Wiki and search "Wormsongs".

Boggy B makes several cameo appearances in the series as well, either in certain cut-scenes (like one from Worms 4: Mayhem) or as an automated Worm name which appears sometimes while creating your own team. That's not all, his name even appears on some flags and gravestones.

Worms is my favorite game series of all time, and I think Boggy B is a bad-ass but underrated character, so I named myself after him. Even my YouTube account name is Boggy B, and I've created my own Worms 4: Mayhem Machinima series named "Worms: Fallen Heroes" which features Boggy B (the Worm) as the main antagonist of the series.
Wormer #1: I've purchased Worms Armageddon yesterday. That title screen music is so bad-ass. Who's "Boggy B"?

Wormer #2: *shaking his head* You must be new. Boggy B is the main protagonist of Worms, and the title screen music is called Wormsong 1999, and it was composed by Bjorn Lynne. You should know this.

Wormer #1: Oh come on, I played Worms for three years.

12-year-old: Shut up, both of you. Call of Duty is WAY better, you Worms nerds should play that instea-

Wormer #1 & #2: FUCK OFF.

12-year-old: *starts crying*

Wormer #2: Heh heh. High five.
thisdefinitionsucks가 작성 2014년 11월 24일 (월)
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