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1. (Noun) A young boy who flirts with older girls.

2. (Noun) A young male partner of a cougar.
1. Girl A: He's really attractive, but he's too young for me.

Girl B: Yeah, too bad he's a Ben 10.

2. Mrs. Jones divorced her husband and is rumored to have picked up a Ben 10.
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angel haze 가 작성 2014년 07월 16일 (수)
An incredibly annoying show on cartoon network where the protagonist, 10 year old, Ben Tennison, finds an alien wristwatch that attaches itself to his wrist and uses it to battle alien tyranny with his Uncle Max and cousin, Gwen. This cartoon also features an extremely catchy theme song that most likely is used to hypnotize most people into watching the show. If you don't like this show and come across it while channel flipping or watching Cartoon Network you will most likely sing along with the themesong, stare blankly at the television during the entire episode, and then ask yourself: "Wait...Why the hell am I watching this?!?" during the either the credits or last bit of dialogue.
Bob: "Hey, did you see Ben 10 last night? Ben finally got a new alien hero!" :D
Fred: "I don't watch that shit!! But, yes, i did see it and the "alien hero" was dumb as hell."
Bob: :(
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wootwootpie :D가 작성 2009년 05월 21일 (목)
The cartoon that successfully brain washed everybody under the age of 12.
the random dude가 작성 2016년 03월 09일 (수)
A creature like the trees from lord of the rings. it smokes pot and eats "brownies". occasionally, it gorges on berries. it refuses to speak to the yulia gnome, who insistently ululates speech with no meaning towards behind eight ball Ben 10. This creature has a history of oddity, as a lonely niglet roamed the dangerous streets of forest hills, in packs, it searches for the ever disappearing essence of the experience of the get-up-and-go. This creature enjoys the violent love of its wolf pack and adventures in pinocchios. Its hobbies include: stealing from local 7/11 organizations, rain dances, religious studies, pyrotechnics, nymphomaniac activities, and JAZZ. it seems like a misguided youth, however, it is in fact a hilarious entity with a vast vocabulary of useless junk. fights aliens with a wristwatch! Born on the day of the boston massacre, however it survived, but the casualties remain really high, so that it could terrorize the remote streets of forest hills, fighting hasidic kikes and bukhar trash. Dislikes include narcs, big brother, hippy idiots, "ignorance is bliss". Did I mention that it has a mess of hair!
Me: Where did ben 10 run off to?
You: but of course to eat a "brownie" and fight alien cock.

Me: Why is my house on fire?
You: Ben 10 was bored!

Me: It's 12 NIGHT. Do you know where your Ben 10 is?
You: Business.

Me: Where did you obtain your Ben 10?
You: The mail!!!
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mashka1kakashka가 작성 2010년 02월 04일 (목)
bj b=2 j=10 2 10 meaning BJ
how was the ben 10 m8?
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jordyDful가 작성 2009년 12월 30일 (수)
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