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A very preppy and posh area of Nashville, Tennessee, most of Belle Meade's residence have 1 million dollar plus homes, send their children to schools like Harpeth Hall, MBA (Montgomery Bell Academy), and Ensworth, and go to either Richland Country Club, Hilwood Country Club, or, of course, Belle Meade Country Club. Belle Meade is Nashville's nicest area and has all of the old money in Nashville. Most of the people who live here wear Lily Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, and Juicy Couture. Right next to Belle Meade is Green Hills, also a very nice area of Nashville filled with prominent families, much like Belle Meade. However, to be in the high society of Belle Meade and Green Hills, one must be at least in the third generation. Most of the girls become debutants and the seersucker-wearing boys eagle scouts. It is a great area to raise a family in, but just know that you must have plenty of money to spend because i gurantee you that you will have plenty of people you need to impress to be accepted!
Belle Meade Girl- Hey. I'm so mad because my parents lowered my allowance to $800 a week and they will not buy me a new car! Eww! My mercedes is already 18 months old!

Belle Meade Guy- It's okay babe. I just got a sweet porche convertable and I have my platinum credit card if you want to go shopping at the first resort.
bill smith yahoo가 작성 2007년 08월 16일 (목)
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