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To have more people in the car than the amount of seat belts. Refers to the way Mexicans ride through the "getto"

To call your ride a bean-packin-mobile you must abide to these rules.

1) 2 or more people own the car and use it.
2) has plastic spinners or any type of plastic rim
3) always has some kind of food in the back seat
4) obviously there must be a Mexican in the car (or think your Mexican thats alright too)
5) there is more than one thing wrong with the car Ex: the frunt window doesnt open, or you have to hotwire the car to start it.
6) has been had some kind of drive by AKA egged, gunned down, burritoed, paint balled, spit on, or shat on or in, ect.
7) people don't want to get picked up by your car either because of looks or the driver.
8) at some point in time there has to have been someone sleeping in the car
10) there isnt any rules, if your Bean packin, you know it!
Riley: Dude trystan, why we bean packin. How many people can we fit in this 92 Toyota. (riley looks in the car, theres a Mexican in the front seat)Actually i think ill will walk.
Trystan: allright dude, but you know i only make $7.50 an hour what did you expect a fuckin lambo.
Jose: you dirty gringo get back here ill knife the shit out of you.
Riley: im gettin the fuck outa dodge, you mess with one bean you mess with the whole burrito.
Jubs the Explorer가 작성 2007년 03월 22일 (목)
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