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Banana cake is a term used to describe all forms of sex that are not 'physically' relevant, such as Phone-sex/Cyber-sex.

It is often used as a term to describe ones affections for another on social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and other public forums.

Banana cake is performed when those involved are aware that they are not likely to ever meet in real life, but wish to consumate a mutual desire for heightened intimacy involving the release of bodily fluids via talking on the phone, texting, msn, as well as on social networking sites.
Actual exchange on Windows live messenger/MSN:

Dee: Higz, last nights banana cake was mind blowing, I'm still quivering thinking about it. God! I am so wet!

Higz: Yes, it certainly was, but when are we going to meet up for the real deal? We're in the same city ffs, so what about it muffin ass?

Dee: Maybe I'll pay you a surprise visit on your bday <3

Higz: That's what you said back in 08. If you're setting up for another argument, I'm not falling for it. Arguing makes you horny, and to be quite honest.. banana cake just doesn't cut it anymore with me.

Dee: In other words, you are saying that you are undressed and Gung-ho for another round of banana cake until your bday arrives?

Higz: Hmmm.. pretty much. Okay, I'm laying blindfolded on my workout bench, and you walk in wearing nothing. Over to you....

Dee: Now you're talking baby!
Higzy가 작성 2010년 06월 08일 (화)
Comparable to fubar, or kitty wampus. When something is very screwed up or off kilter, it is all sort of bananacakes.
"I tried to apply online today, but the website is all bananacakes"
Mr. Bananco가 작성 2009년 10월 15일 (목)
A Cake that is better than sex itself, it is very healthy for you and should be made with real banana's.
VERY GOOD, Its only the best cake ever....

Banana cake is a very good cake, the end.
Savage123가 작성 2008년 05월 05일 (월)
A sexual term,Involes two blondes.
Involves two blondes, you on your back, girl in top laying on you, while other girl is ontop of the first girls back. Makeing a banana cake.
Savage123가 작성 2008년 05월 05일 (월)
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