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Balmora Rules, or Playing by Balmora Rules. To play by the rules used in the City of Balmora Morrowind. To take what you want from someone by lethal force or to otherwise claim someones prior possessions by right of conquest. Often the possessions take or "won" are not even of real use to the conqueror, who only indents to sell them.

Stemming for the Bethesda game "The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind", specifically the in game city of Balmora, the first major city most players reached. Unlike later games in the series, Morrowind had no Essential NPCs. This coupled with the fact that the loot system was not leveled, leaving most high quality gear hard to find, meant that many NPCs were killed for no other reason then that the player wanted to steal their clothes. In addition Morrowind had no means to purchase property, leaving many players to simply kill the owner of a house they liked and take up new residence. This gave the whole game a very lawless and frontier like feel.
"Dude, if we don't get the rent by tomorrow we will be out on the street"
"Well, we could always to take the house back by Balmora rules."

"You gonna buy Breezehome from the Jarl, or save up for a nicer place?"
"Fuck that dude! I ain't wasting that much gold! I just play by Balmora Rules and take houses I want"

"That dude's got a full set of Ebony armor."
"I wear light armor."
"You could still sell for a lot."
"Hmm... yeah. Fuck it, Balmora Rules."
"He he Balmora Rules."
*kills guy and steals ebony armor to sell*
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