A strange substance, basically the physical form of 'awesome' in a sauce-like form. Scientists are still trying to figure out all it's properties. It seems to automatically make things awesome only at the most awesome times; it's quite unpredictable as of late.
I once ate awesomesauce and my head exploded. I got better a few seconds later, but man was that awesome.
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Notyu1459가 작성 2010년 12월 10일 (금)
admiting great satisfaction of an act or plan
mostly used by metalheads,skateboarders,surfers,hippies etm
girls: "we got a suprise just for you!"

dude:"what is it?"

girl 1:"we went to the store ..."

girl 2:"and bought you a new guitar!"

#awesomesaucisity #awesomesausage #wiked #sweet #gnarly
Kiro_oriK가 작성 2010년 11월 26일 (금)
The thrid greatest substance in existance, the other two in order being frog king and frog king with awesome sauce. This phrase represents an extremly rare event or occurance that is awesome beyond all ability to measure to the point that it should never be forgotten and a memorial built in it's honor. An event so epic that only frog king could make it better, especially when combined with the awesome sauce.

It is rumored that the atomic bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki used Awesome Sauce, when they exploded the release of so much awesome is what destroyed both cities and the residual awesomness is still having an effect on the nation today. Another rumor states that every god in existance obtained their power by consuming awesome sauce, the reason they were worshiped, but over time the power of the sauce wore off and the religion quickly fell apart shortly after. It is beleived that when one partakes of awesome sauce, they can impregnate a thousand virgins through nothing more than looking at them, a power rumored to be posessed by many rock and metal artists.

In recent years though individuals who are short-sighted have begun to use awesome sauce to describe event in their lives that either A) nobody cares about but them or B) are no more awesome than mindblowing in nature, a level that is several tiers below that of awesome sauce, and therefore undeserving of the title.
Woodstock 1977 was awesome sauce
Ozzfest is awesome sauce
Least I Could Do is made from awesome sauce
#awesome sauce #epic #sauce #awesome #frogking with awesome sauce #frog king with awesome sauce #epicsauce #frogking with awesomesauce #frog king with awesomesauce
Stuart Connolly가 작성 2010년 11월 21일 (일)
That's so awesome sauce!

You're a whore.
#semen #awesome #cum #sauce #jizz
Maki-sama가 작성 2010년 11월 19일 (금)
describing something that is awesome and saucey.
That movie was so awesome! And Kate Hudson is super saucey! Totally AWESOMESAUCE dude!
#wicked #awesome #pimp #foxy #sexy
BrOMonTanA29가 작성 2010년 08월 02일 (월)
somthing that is so awesome that they should make a sauce out of it.
holy shit! going to see Avatar while high was awesome sauce!!! I puked!!!!!!!!!!
#weed #avatar #stoned #cool #great #fantastic
Assclown2가 작성 2010년 05월 19일 (수)
Sauce that is awesome or awesome that is sauce yaya!
Charles: Oh my this sandwich needs a dressing!
CJ: U gotta tri dat bangin awesome sauce on dat sarni init bled cause it make it well peng.
Charles: Goodness me that awesome sauce is most satisfactory. But I do not tolerate your use of language young fellow.
#sauce #pengalengadingdong #awesome #yaya #charles
GrannyTron2000가 작성 2014년 05월 24일 (토)
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