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The Asian BoyZ Gang was created by Cambodians both EFGC and CFGC to protect their own people from getting attack by Mexican gang members. Made in the 1980s. Gang Color is Navy Blue. 2nd largest Asian gang and 12th largest gang in America. Asian BoyZ is one of the dangerous Gangs in America with their Cambodian, Laos, and Vietnamese Members. Enemies of the AsianBoyZ Gangs are Tiny Raskal Gang, Laos Blood, EastSide Longos, Wah Ching, Modesto Hit Squad, Left Out Kidz, Crazy Mob, Crazy Brother Clan, $crapz, Asian Gangsta Crip, Khmer Thug, All Blood gangs and much more. Asian BoyZ team up: Loc Town Crips, Asian Klan, Krazy Boyz Kuhz, Norte, C14, Crazy Town Cripz, Asian Crips, Roach Killa Family, Infamous, Asian Outlaw Boyz, Vietnamese BoyZ and much more. The Asian BoyZ Gang is known for its chaos in 1998. The riot of the Asian BoyZ gang was called "Summer Madness" leaving around 12 Wah chings (Blood Gang) dead, in LA, CA And in 2005 4 Tiny Raskal Gang member dead, in Fresno, CA And 5 Tiny Raskal Gang Member killed, in lowell, MA And around 20 Tiny Raskal Gang Member killed, in Long Beach, CA And 8 Left Out Kidz (Blood Gang) dead, in Santa Rosa, CA And Much more murders aross the country. The Asian BoyZ is on the American Most Wanted List. The one who created the Asian BoyZ Gang is now in Cambodia. The Asian BoyZ Gang is well known in Long Beach, CA, Lowell, MA, Fresno, CA, Santa Rosa, CA, And Cambodia. Dress code is Navy Blue Rags, blue tees, Oakland A's Hat, jersey they wear are Dallas Cowboys or oakland Raiders. Favorite brands is Dickies. There are more Cambodians and Laos than Vietnamese member.
Da Asian Boyz b bangin wit VBZ
12ABZ26가 작성 2008년 04월 30일 (수)
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