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The five-fifty (550) Arm Crush is when a bottle, cup, can, anything you can drink from is placed on a bicep with the support of the forearm and the elbow pit and curled towards his/her mouth for drinking purposes.

The 550 Arm Crush has been around for more than a decade. Our motto is Crush It Everywhere and Anywhere. Keep those Elbows Up, folks. Like the mullet and the el camino before that, the 550 Arm Crush is a sign of someone looking to Get. After. It. You can "chug" a drink, but everyone knows it's better to CRUSH one and to also CRUSH life day in and day out.
I want to Crush this, that, him, her or the other thing so I Arm Crushed my drink and promptly took care of business.

My defensive move in beer pong is the 550 Arm Crush. Even if they hit the final cup your opponents will be so impressed that they will give you the W.

Some say 550 is a way of life. I don’t trust those people… and I also don’t trust anyone with two first names or, as Coach Bobby Finstock would say, “any woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body”. However, 550 is a way of absolutely crushin’ it when necessary. You just found $20 in your jeans from 3 weeks ago? Awesome? Yes. But also 550. That smoking hot girl at the end of the bar just gave you her death stare? Well, that sucks. But that baboon fart you left for her is definitely 550. Your hometown team just won after a 28 year drought? 550. It’s solid, great, super, domination, sick…etc…all rolled up into one. It’s a response to almost anything which makes zero sense, but somehow works. Like 550 the Arm Crush has been a staple among this group for over a decade now. If you are looking to crush it one night or every night go with the 550 mindset and everything will be Easy.
550ArmCrush가 작성 2013년 07월 18일 (목)
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