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Some who has a strict opposition towards the traditional way of doing something. Antiformalists tend to constantly test and challenge the rules and regulations set by others of "how things should be done". In doing so, they generally open the eyes of many others that just conformed to principles set by others before them. Antiformalists tend to juxtapose many ideas together I'm such a way that it completely blows people's minds.
Example 1-

Dude #1: John is attempting to reinvent the bicycle, John is an antiformalist.

Dude #1 (after John has reinvented the bicycle): Holy fucking shit! He did it! The original bicycle sucked all along anyway, this new bike John came up with is so much more efficient in every way!

Example 2 -

Dude #1: I'm going to start an automotive maintenance and repairs shop that inside of a mall!

Dude #2: You're fucking crazy, you're wasting your money and time. You will never get the permits or money necessary to see success out of such an endeavor!

2 years later.....

Dude #2: Holy crap Dude #1 why did I ever doubt you?! You're a fucking millionaire now! I can't even talk my mom into taking her car to the dealership anymore because she says your idea is so much more convenient! Lets be best friends because you're a genious!

Dude #2: Bitch please....
T. Durka가 작성 2013년 07월 02일 (화)
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