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A flash animation consisting of random images set to (often) non-English music. The images can range from pop culture icons, commercial products (soft drinks, brand name foods, etc.), or any other image that the animator may feel like putting in the flash. Animutations often also contain flashy backgrounds, lack a coherent plot, and contain nonsensical messages from the animator. Usually, the lyrics of the song are translated into disjointed English based on how they sound. And placed within the flash in some way.

Many animutations share common themes or images. For example, most animutations use pictures of the Canadian improv actor, Colin Mockerie.

Can also be known as an fanimutation
Have you seen that animutation John made last week?
SCharon가 작성 2004년 07월 21일 (수)
A flash animation of any length which is often set to a piece of music (often asian language or other foreign-language lyrics which sound English) while following nonsensical plotlines, flashy backgrounds and mad graphics.
Trapezoid's new animutation is crazy!
burbster가 작성 2003년 11월 28일 (금)
a distinct flash animation style consisting of random pop culture images synced to Soramimi (music with lyrics that mean one thing in one language, but something else in another). This style was created and popularized on the internet by Neil Cicierega around 2001. Neil's work was admired by many, and more animutations were made throughout the years. But if they weren't made by Neil, they were known as fanimutations. However, this changed with Adam Kepple's animutation series "Colin Mochrie vs. Jesus H. Jesus". Within animutation was united as fanimutation, so that an animation fitting the description was an animutation; no matter who the creator.

How to tell if it's an animutation:
-features a picture of some weird guy or celebrity as the main character that "sings" the song
-played to catchy unpopular(in America) foreign music
-contains Colin Mochrie, Harry Potter, Jesus H. Christ, Urkel, and more
-contains either a flashy background or just a white bakcground
-contains random long sentences that show for 1 second at a time in the background
Fingertips! Fingertips! Aren't you the guy who hit me in the eye? Please pass the milk, please. Banana, Banana, Banana, Terracotta, Banana, Terracotta, Terracotta, Pie. Hyakugojyuuichi!

Yeah, those have all been said in animutation.

Fez-and-Sword가 작성 2008년 11월 16일 (일)
The internet equilivant of an acid trip, consisting of (VERY) random edited animated images accompanied by music sung in a non-english speaking language.

WARNING: Repeated exposure can lead to brain damage.
Make the animutations stop!!
Unlucky7가 작성 2004년 03월 23일 (화)
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