A name given to someone who is angry, aggitated or annoyed.
Hey Angus, why are you so angus?

Why are you so angus?

You are such an Angus!
Los Deanos가 작성 2009년 07월 11일 (토)
Ass, or booty
That girl has a fat angus.
T-Whiz가 작성 2014년 12월 04일 (목)
A big gay
Look at that dancer over there.. such an Angus
zwub가 작성 2013년 06월 04일 (화)
(n.) A massive, dark-skinned homonid female notable for its diet of fried chicken, near-incomprehensible speech, and unpleasant demeanor.
"That angus is waggling her finger at you! I think she's gonna charge!"

"Taiqua's really been putting on the pounds lately. She's turning into an angus."
SmexyCitra가 작성 2011년 10월 24일 (월)
a very retarded dog
your dog's an angus
moerdt가 작성 2009년 12월 21일 (월)
A guy whose homosexuality knows no bounds. His sexual promiscuity knows no bounds as for he has many sexual partners. He is always described as a complete failure with no purpose in life wandering through it as if he was blind, deaf and mentally disabled.
angusthebeefyee가 작성 2012년 01월 04일 (수)
Dick, penis, balls
"Hop off my Angus"
Playax08가 작성 2008년 08월 10일 (일)

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