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Imagine Angry Birds with zero gravity and you get Angry Birds Space.

Rovio obvoiusly took the same aproach Nintendo did with the Mario franchise (Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2). Not to say that the game is bad or unoriginal. Infact, it's just as addicting (if not more) as the original Angry Birds.

The plot is the same damn thing it's always been, except for the addition of a boss battle at the end of each world, which is incredibly easy.

A new bird was also included with the game. The "Ice Bird" acts like the Black Bird, but freezes everything around it instead. Makes the Blue Bird substantially more useful.

Rovio decided to become Valve 2.0 and make Space Eagles cost more than the game itself. Not to mention the fact that the Space Eagles are 10 times harder to use than the Mighty Eagle. Don't expect this to ever change.

NASA also decided to ride in on the coattails of this game since their budget has been reduced to nothing.
Angry Birds Space is the most addicting game ever for the mobile phone.
SuperDuperSteve가 작성 2012년 04월 29일 (일)
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A recently released iPhone game who is the third game in the ''series'', if it really is a series. The point of this game is to shoot somehow superpower-given birds at pigs inside bubbles. And poorly made buildings. If you shoot to hard though, in planets, especially small ones, you will orbit 2-3 times.

A rage is often commiting when you miss.
Some guy: Hey, have you heard that Angry Birds Space is out?
Some faggot: What's good with that. Only rage, frustration and temper going to the top?
Cracklebowl가 작성 2012년 04월 06일 (금)
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