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When someone mentions Andrews AFB they think of one thing Air Force One but little do they know what goes on behind the scenes. Andrews AFB is located about 5min southeast of Washington D.C. First the location: Why would the United States put one of its most important resources in the middle of the ghetto. When you drive through the main gate and look to your right you'll see Family Dollar, Pawn shop, and you guessed it Popeyes bona-fied fried chicken shack. McDonalds which is also across the street, is known for its frequent shootings, stabbings, street pharmaceuticals, and the occasional car jacking.
If you happen to go to the commissary late one night to pick up a few things, you might bump into one of Maryland's reacently released felons. Yes, You heard right, one of Maryland's finest ex-cons is ensuring that your groceries are properly stocked. If you happen to be in the mood for a fun night out on the town, stop by Classics. Where you will find a plethora of different makes and models of police vehicles in their futile attempt to keep the peace. Upon entry of Classics you will notice a warm and welcoming sign staiting "Whites served but Blacks prefered". The next time some mentions how nice Andrews AFB is, don't forget what kind of festivities lie just on the other side of the fence.
"Yo cuz you aint never been to the damn ghetto", "what you talkin' bout homie? I was stationed at Andrews AFB for 7 years!"
Andrews AFB가 작성 2008년 04월 14일 (월)
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