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An overzealous, pride-ridden, American that has characteristics of Nazi Ideaology (this includes racism, anti-semitism, and hubris, or overbeared pride.). They were raised in small towns and were raised to be ignorant to the world. Characteristics include:

- Racist additude towards anyone, excluding non-foriegn blacks and whites
- Overzealousness of materialism
- Supports censorship, unneeded violence, lazyness and aggressive behavior
- Is very stupid and hypocritical
- Very irreponsible, including with children
- Allows the same kind to do what ever they want, even if it is illegal
- Perverts Christianity and God
- Hates the world and promotes genocide to every country out there, excluding the US
- Follows old, evil 18th Century Monarchy Rules (i.e., the more fat you get, the more powerful you are, whites are better than any other race,)
- Very stupid, ignorant, and confused
- Dislikes Anime, Video Games, Art, Acting, creativity and anything else that is deemed "weird" or "different".
- Dislikes having "emotion", is very aggressive, greedy, rude and arrogant.

These include these kinds of people:

- Cradle Robbing Priests
- Irresponsible parents that sue video game companies, constantly have sex, and hate children
- Jocks
- Rednecks
- 55% of US Middle Class, and %100 Upper Class
- Preps
- The KKK, Skinheads and Nazis
- Trend following bastards
- "Wangstas"
- Corrupt Politicans
- The People that run Encylcopedia Dramatica
- Anyone else that is a dumbass and doesn't have a heart.

They can be called "Bad Americans" or "White Trash". They are also called "The Great Satans".
American Nazis only hinder the growth of The United States of America. They also make us the target of Al Quaida and the Taliban. Gatta Kill'em all!
#white #nazi #hate #america #trash #jocks #preps #fraternity
The Asian Rick James, Bitch!가 작성 2006년 11월 09일 (목)
When someone is a hard-core America lover.
Dave: Dude I was at the store, and I saw a man outside the store with a huge American flag and and a shirt that said USA yelling "I love America, the land of the free".

Mike: He is totally a American Nazi!
#america #usa #nazi #flag #usa flag
The Magic Mike가 작성 2012년 07월 04일 (수)
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