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A short, funny girl who is nice to everyone. Often appears to be naïve but usually knows what's really going on. They have brown hair and hazel eyes, and ghetto booties. They love just about anyone unless you creep on them. they are outgoing and love easily. Which sometimes leads them to end up hurt but always find a way to be okay. They also tend to trust easily. they are talented at tennis and softball but cannot sing or dance for their lives. they play the flute. They laugh at jokes (even when they have no idea what it means). Ameraes love to laugh and hang out with friends. they are loyal, and love purely. they stick by those they love and care deeply about them. If you meet an Amerae, you are truly lucky, and if you get the chance to be her friend, never let her go. Ameraes are beautiful and courageous.
Boy 1: hey dude, I know this is your first day, but you gotta see this chick's butt, it's bootylicious
Boy 2: okay, **** her butt be fine!!!! who is she?
Boy 1: well with an ass like that she has to be an Amerae ;)
Smileyface13가 작성 2013년 11월 02일 (토)
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