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The amazing racist is a Jewish comedian that makes videos targeting blacks, mexicans, asians and just about any other minority. Some people criticize him yet others love him. Many people think that he has the biggest balls in the world. Making videos like this, he risks his life, for he may get shot by a black man, stabbed by a mexican or he may catch sars from an asian.
Amazing Racist - the great thing about beaners is that they are always willing to work. Thats what they're good at, working and having babies.
Amazing Racist - Whats up fat albert??

Asian woman - would you like chopsticks?
Amazing racist - no thats ok, I got my own, I dont wanna get sars
Sunny Singh가 작성 2006년 06월 03일 (토)
an eloquent and captious speaker who uses trenchant remarks to define blacks, mexicans, asians and other minorities. When visiting an asian restaurant his derission consists of finding the 'dog section' in the menu. He practically blends into any culture especailly when he wears his KKK attire in the black neighborhoods. His intrusion is usually followed by a clever remark such as, "wats up fat albert" - when adressing an african american. Although his obloquies are sometimes faced with criticism, and again, applaused by many others, it really makes one wonder why the fuck hasn't anyone shot him yet?!
buying lighters from a black shop keeper while wearing the KKK cloak and carrying a cross over his sholder:
Amazing racist - i got a question, me and my friends are having an event later on, do you know if any of your people have a front lawn we could use for a get together

D thug가 작성 2006년 05월 08일 (월)
Someone that you can travel anywhere in the world and complain the people being foreigners, and despise how they speak english.
The amazing-racist David went to China and was shocked at all the chinks there.

Hank is a amazing-racest. He went to Italy and said if I want to see a bunch of guidos who miss pronounce English words I would just go to Brooklyn
Kyleolsenwalsh가 작성 2014년 11월 29일 (토)
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