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Alphaesthete is a term coined by social commentator Mark Simpson to describe men who outgrew metrosexuality.

In the early noughties, metrosexual practices such as male grooming became more and more normal as men began to pay as much attention to their personal appearance as their girlfriends/boyfriends did. This meant that men on the cutting edge of fashion needed a new way to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

Alphaesthetes did this by adopting more extreme grooming routines and by highlighting their fearless fashion sense by wearing clothes that even a diehard metrosexual would consider outlandish.

No clothes are off limits for an alphaesthete (apart from a Kappa tracksuit perhaps); he’ll wear anything even if it results in ridicule from his friends or people on the street.

An alphaesthete is as at home in D&G white swimming trunks as he is in an Oswald Boeteng three-piece suit and is likely to have a bathroom stuffed with more cosmetic product than the average high street pharmacy as well as the most up to date grooming gadgets to make sure his look is immaculate.
‘With his painted toenails and tight silver shorts, Christiano Ronaldo really is a bit of an alphaesthete.’
Wilbeforce가 작성 2010년 10월 15일 (금)
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