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coolest bitch on the block
any allison of west des moines
betany가 작성 2008년 05월 01일 (목)
A gorgeous girl who doesn't know how beautiful she is.
She's shy, but once you get to know her, you'll be glad you did.
Has her own style.
Is just herself, and won't change anything about her self for anyone else.

All the boys that know her, fall for her.....hard.
And when she falls, she falls hard, and has a tough time getting back up.

Some one who cares about everyone else before herself, even though she's the one who needs the most help.
Has been through a hell of a lot, but brushes her self off and puts on a smile every day:)

Some one YOU shoud get to know
Guy 1: Man! Who is that girl?

Guy 2: Which girl?
Guy 1: That gourgeous one, with the smokin' body, and awesome personality!
Guy 2: mean allison.
shakinbacon가 작성 2010년 03월 21일 (일)
A woman defined by brains, beauty, class, and membership in the upper echelons of society. Can usually be found wearing pearls or sorority letters.
"Allison, jeeves is bringing around the polo pony. In the meantime, would you like a hot toddy?"
Allison the great가 작성 2006년 08월 24일 (목)
pure beauty, the greatest girl on the face of the planet.
I love allison so much. :)
booby light가 작성 2009년 02월 21일 (토)
1.the prettiest girl in any room
2.such a stud, she'll take you in any competition
3.funny and charmning, every guys perfect girl (:
4.her blue eyes are killer
Wayne: dude do u know allison?
Ricky: yeaa, shes fineee
Wayne: id date her any dayy
his baby guuurl가 작성 2009년 02월 13일 (금)
Girls named Allison are so gorgeous the sun could not rise if they did not exist. Men from all over gather just so they can witness an Allison. Not only are girls named Allison beautiful, but they are fiesty, charismatic and truly one of a kind. They will give you the shirt off their back, but do not dare cross them because they can and will be your worst enemy.
"When Allison walked in the room all the men creamed their jeans"
evan407가 작성 2010년 02월 05일 (금)
Allison is a girl that is gorgeous but doesnt even realize it. She can be the sweetest person but if you mess with her she can give you hell. She can be shy when you first meet her but once you do youll want her to yourself. She likes to be one of the best so I have to say shes good at everything, shes brilliant too. She likes to deal with her problems herself but will always tell you whats going on. Her sense of humor is huge and she is always laughing with the amazing laugh she has. When Allison smiles she brightens up a room faster than light itself can. She is always happy but when she does have her occasional bad day all she wants is her boyfriend to cuddle with her. If you are lucky enough to be her boyfriend never let her go, she plays hard to get but she secretly falls hard. Every boy that lays his eyes on Allison falls for her but she doesnt even know that boys LOVE her. If you are ever sad and know an Allison shell be the first person to brighten up your day. She brings joy to everyone when she walks into a room.
Guy 1: Damn! Whos the new girl?
Guy 2: Oh, you mean Allison. Shes smokin.
Guy 1: Yeah she is. Im gonna ask her out.
Guy 2: Yeah okay. Good luck, she already said no to the whole football team.
Anthony Perciss가 작성 2012년 07월 04일 (수)
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