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One serious badass. Possibly THE MOST bamf superhero to date.

He rips through the streets of a quarantined, zombie-infested Manhattan killing Marines, and anyone who stands in his way.

He has superhuman strength, speed, and hops. His arms turn into a variety of deadly blade-like weapons. He can consume people to replenish his health, see their memories, and take their physical appearance. He consumes people that know how to drive/fly military vehicles such as apc's, tanks, and helicopters, all of this which he can hijack at any given time and kick serious ass behind the driver's seat. He's also got a magical hoodie that somehow manages to stay on his head no matter from how high he falls, how much he rolls, how many missiles get shot at him. Did I mention he can pretty much fly?

Alex Mercer can be seen in the game Prototype, where he finds himself trying to figure out who made him into this mutant badass, after which he makes them pay.
Clueless Civilian: WHOA! Who the fuck is that guy??? He's fucking killing everybody walking on the street!!! HOLY SHIT! How did he smash that car with his bare hands? Wait...what the fuck, his hands turned into fuckin CLAWS?? OH MY FUCKING GOD those marines didn't stand a chance in hell! Oh shit...he's coming this way!!! UUUHHH! *dies*

Another civilian brutally slaughtered by the badass known as Alex Mercer.
Dr Grammar가 작성 2009년 08월 30일 (일)
Scottish Engineeing Student.

A know-it-all, patronising self righteous boring scottish cunt.

Keep your opinions to your self you twat no one cares.
Dont be such an Alex Mercer
william_bumboy_wallace가 작성 2010년 04월 16일 (금)
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