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People in the state of New York all have their own accent, The City (NYC,Bronx,BK,Harlem, LI etc..) is what we call it, have a different accent then say people from Lake Placid, Buffalo, and even the Albany area..But yes New Yorkers have accents. I've lived in the Albany area for 33 years and went outta state and people askin me, so you're from NY rite..I answer yes of course I'm a proud New Yorker..
Someone on here said we have a Canadian accent, um yeah rite, we gots the NEW YORK one kid!!

I concider Albany something within it's self, neither upstate or central NY..We are the CAPITAL of NY!! Area north of Albany upstate, area's west of Albany to Rochester Central NY, Rochester to Buffalo Western NY
Albany being the CAP CITY we rock it like no other, a safe place for people to go out and have a good time with good people. It's an awesome college area, with in 20-30miles of Albany there are about 15 or more colleges, people have things to lose and aren't punks and pullin guns out on people, don't get me wrong ever town has that area you shouldn't be at, and if you know that area stay clear (some parts of Clinton ave, Arbor Hill..just to name a few)

We got Hip-Hop, Blues/Jazz, Hardcore, Metal, local talent here..We have our gay pride, we have our first nites for the arts.. It's an amazing place to live with a short drive to the City or the Mountains.

Living here Pleasure or Posion..everything is at your finger tips..
CapCityGurl518가 작성 2011년 01월 31일 (월)
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