The word that describes the type of a guy who is usually the following:-
1) Dumb
2) Revengeful
3) Egoistical
4) Ridiculously into self love
5) Narrow minded
6) Biased
7) Corrupt
8) Has no morals or values
9) Liar
10) immature
11) supposedly "good looking"
12) very well off
Girl 1: oh my GOD he's an AITCHISONIAN!
Girl 2: oh he's so cute.
Girl 1: oh haha that's because he got plastic surgery lol
Girl 2: wow

Girl 1: yeah he's loaded

Girl 1: why is he so dumb
Girl 2: duh he's an AITCHISONIAN

boy 1: hey what up?
AITCHISONIAN -imtoocoolforyou-

Girl 1: no one likes guys who are like...Aitchisonians

girl 2: haha I know right. They think they're so hot but they're full of shit.
Girl 3: some of them are nice...
girl 1: HA WHAT A JOKE
girl 2: rare exceptions...they're all condom heads...
girl 1: IMMA POP EM
heyheylooklook가 작성 2013년 10월 26일 (토)
Top Definition
A term used to define someone who studies or has ever studied at Aitchison College Lahore. Used to describe someone so awesome, fun, cool, gentlemanly etc. that you know he must have gone to Aitchison. Aitchisonians are by far the classiest guys in all of Lahore and they be making all the other schools jealous B). People from BDC, LGS etc. usually get jealous of us Aitchisonians since they know they can't be Aitchisonians themselves. When someone is called an Aitchisonian you just know that guy is gonna be awesome.
That guy is so cool hes gotta be an Aitchisonian
"I wanna be an Aitchisonian when I grow up!" said little Johny
"I wish Aitchison College accepted me to be an Aitchisonian"
You can see by my level of awesomeness that I am an Aitchisonian
hassanwattoo-AitchisonianMemes가 작성 2013년 06월 07일 (금)
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