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To debunk anybody that happen to have a political inclination you do not share.
That requires no commitment to principles; it merely adjusts to the interests of the political status of Arab Muslims. The ideology contains contradictions: it speaks of Marxism and Anarchism and yet cultivates support among Bin Laden fanatics and serves as a client for dictatorial theocracy; it speaks adamantly of victim hood and suffering while it reproduces the traditional arrogance of Muslims and supports the aggressive patrons of Iran. The ideology of Abukahlism believes that the most effective way for fighting Western democracy and freedom is to invade US with Islamic teachers, bringing their own opinions with them. While it is widely believed that Abukahlism is an American phenomenon, it is now noticed that Abukahlism is spreading in countries in the Europe and well beyond the Europe
sweden1975가 작성 2006년 12월 07일 (목)
A word coined by a Swede who can't spell at all--it should be the vastly different "AbuKhalilism". Perhaps the word is actually a combination of alcoholism and the name of the professor "The Angry Arab". If so, the combination could have been generated by a combination of too much blogging and alcohol (or cocaine).
My alcohol and cocaine addictions have gotten out of control, now I'm spelling it Abukahlism!
mark_california가 작성 2007년 01월 30일 (화)
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