A cheap additional web browser packaged with select AOL (see shit) deals that never works. In addition to never working, it will always pop up 1 to 28 error reports, along with its IM counterpart.
Me: I got it to work once surprisingly, maybe it was feeling generous. Either way, it's pissing me off, why doesn't ever work.

Some dude: You're plan is dumb, it's an AOL Explorer.
Yep Nope가 작성 2005년 09월 12일 (월)
1.synonym to shit

2. the ideal internet browser for fags and queers, aol explorer is sponsered by Douchebags R' Us
this homwork is a piece of aol explorer
hw sucks가 작성 2006년 09월 15일 (금)
Internet Explorer and ICQ in one even shittier applet, fucked upside-down and combined with a billing/dial manager, mail agent (should only be used for notifying you, "you have less than $1 remaining"). Note that the same ICQ # can be two different people in AOLICQ and ICQmain (although both use the same client from Israel). Generally speaking, this is what AOL put out of their ass when Netscape Navigator died because of IE. WARNING: only use it for DIALing if you are on DIAL-UP of AOL. But everyone knows that AOL sucks since 1997, when they closed their only good service, original NWN.
This example is totally made up, presumably happening in some online game.

ScarlettZero: Are you on ICQ2go?
DetectiveDan: Nope, I'm on AOL Explorer
MikePhotoshop: Eww! You both are losers! ICQ sucks, and AolEx is even worse!
ScarlettZero: ICQ sucks, but since I have friends there, I use their web version
ToreroTom: ICQ has too much ads, AOL Central is much less of that.
ScarlettZero: AOL Central? Do you mean AOL Explorer? it has less ads, but is still stupid. So I use the least annoying version, ICQ2go. :)
DisturbingOne가 작성 2010년 10월 27일 (수)

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