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A Stupid Freshman or Seniority Stealer is usually a freshman who makes it their job in life to harass a senior or multiple seniors for at least all of their 9th grade year.

Things typically stolen from said senior or seniors include but are not limited to:
Their Cell Phone (So they cant call for help)

Their Car Keys (the frosh cant drive so neither will seniors)
Their Shoes (pretty much just to piss them off and so they cant run away)

(These things are ALWAYS returned to said seniors though!)
And basically anything the said senior has on them at the time.

The most basic rule of being a stupid freshman is to be stealthy when stealing things from said seniors, the point is to annoy them in a process.

1st-They realize their stuffs gone
2nd-They frantically look for it
3rd-They realize the stupid freshman has stolen their things
4th-Seniority has been claimed by the freshman!

They Job of a stupid freshman is hard work they are called to constantly make the seniors look silly,stupid, and put them in there place infront of upperclassmen or lower.

Characteristics of a stupid freshman include but are not limited to:


Social Awesomeness

Being a sassafrass
Senior1-"Heys guys have you seen my phone?"

Senior2-" No, A stupid freshman or seniority stealer must have took it!"

Both Seniors-"uhhhh!"
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