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At lurks an obsessive community of Lemony Snicket worshippers. The site was created by the mysterious Tragedy, mysterious in the sense that no one has any idea who he/she/it is and most are desperate to know what resides in he/she/it's pants. The site was created by this mysterious being, whom many members consider the alpha and the omega, the creator of all things, so these fans can endlessly discuss A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Many notorious members include:
BSam:-Hilarity just falls out of every one of his orifices.
Dante- the father of all knowledge.
Sixteen- Who seems to be romantically involved with everyone on the site.
Trikip- A backlog of weird I.P address impersonators surround this 'person'.
Emma Squalor- Would say Hannah Montanna was talented if she posted on the site.
Fancy: Queen of 667. No one is really sure why.
Songbird (or is it freebird)- The most bossy moderator.
Sherry Ann- who seems a lot older than her 1000years. It is widely acknowledged that Sherry Ann was around before the creation of the universe or even matter itself.
Hermes- The heir of Dante, gains Dante's title when Dante passes on. Many murder plots have been organised, as get none successful. That sneaky Dante.
MyKindEditor- Seemed promising at first, has dwindled somewhat.
Tiago Squalor- 667's most flamboyant member, is currently writing the sequel to ASOUE.
Freebird (or is it songbird)- Er, yh.
Join the community today! Or not, good choice.
On 667 Dark Avenue:
Dante: *Something intellectual*
Hermes: DIE!
Emma Squalor: He he, you are both so talented.
Freebird/Songbird: Lol, wrong board.
BSam: I is FUHHNY.
Tradgey: I like to EXPERIMENT.
MyKindEditor: Ha ha ha Bsam, you're funny!
Elle: Glee!
Tiago Squalor: APOCALYPSE.
*Everyone dies.*
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