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3awkwardhipsters is a group of 3 youtubers : Ruby Lloyd (14), Millie Edinburgh(14) and Tallulah Edinburgh (12). They were started on the 9th or 10th of August 2013. Millie and Tallulah are sisters and Ruby is they're cousin. Ruby has a younger brother called Evan (11) but he isnt part of their group really. they have an instagram under the name 3awkwardhipsters and a twitter under 3awkwardhipters also :) Theyre contact email is . Ruby is like the leader of the group, Tallulah is the beauty girl and Millie is all about tags and funny vids ie accent challenges :) but they are a great team and upload often and are really funny :D deffo check them out ;)
Ted: Hey, did you see the new 3awkwardhipsters video on youtube ?
Lilly: Yeah!! There accent challenge was a fail! They were awful!! But it was so bad it was good!
Ted: Yes!!! Who is your favourite? Mine is Millie she seems nice and bubbly and fun
Lilly: If I had to pick I would probably say Ruby she seems like she would be fun to be friends with, like no dull moments or waiting around! But Tallulah is really sweet and so pretty
Robin: Are you talking about 3awkwardhipsters?
Barney: Oh, did you guys like 3awkwardhipsters too?
Marshall:Oh you guys like 3awkwardhipsters? Did you see the 3awkwardhipsters instagram pic of their new video? Looks so funny!!
Barney:No but soon they are gunna do a Twitter Q&A so we should send them questions now and they might make a list
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