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He leaves you speechless. He's so good it's almost addictive, he's like a drug. You're pretty sure it's not good for you but it feels so good. You couldn't quit him even if you wanted to. You need him, you want him, you crave him, it's a burning desire and you don't care what the consequences are. And when you don't have him, when the moments of ecstasy slip away, when you can't hear his voice, feel his touch, his slow tracing of your lips, his warm breath on your ear as he whispers sweet nothings, his gentle kisses down your neck, his supposedly loving gaze, that sexy look he gets when he feels powerful or when he's winning, it's overwhelming. It's like a bad hangover. You gladly take the headache because the night before will be forever worth it. His love gets you high and you're addicted. You want him all the time, it's almost torture. When he's out of reach, that's when the Jerry Withdrawal kicks in ;)
Bitch 1: Sooo you haven't seen him in a while huh? How you doin?
Bitch 2: Nope, I think i'm having Jerry Withdrawal.
Bitch 1: Fuck that, he's an asshole you deserve better.
Bitch 2: Being with him is like a little slice of heaven drizzled with hell but even the bad is good.

If you ever get a Jerry.......good luck bitch. X
xomadnessxo가 작성 2013년 05월 11일 (토)
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