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1.to put someone in their place
2.to realize your current position in any of many situations
3.paper money you write
best check yo self, before you reck yourelf
tweek가 작성 1999년 12월 19일 (일)
knowing you have the upper hand over someone, or being able to manipulate them, despite any truthfulness to that situation
man, i got mind control over deebo, he be like , "shut the fuck up, and i be quiet, but when he leaves....i be talkin again"
tweek가 작성 1999년 12월 19일 (일)
a brand of coffe made in southpark, colorado
that was beatuful and heartwarming, like a heartwarming cup of tweeks coffee on a sunny summers day.
tweek가 작성 1999년 12월 19일 (일)
word to describe a females level of cutness/sex appeal/attractiveness
also used to identify a girl that is appealing to lok at
now that girl has some talent
tweek가 작성 1999년 12월 19일 (일)
to leave a place, relocate to another
Let's bounce out of here
tweek가 작성 1999년 12월 19일 (일)
reflects joy, a good outcome, pleaseure,
that was sweet
tweek가 작성 1999년 12월 19일 (일)
word that sugests that someone has special talents in a certain field
he's got ths skilz in editiing
tweek가 작성 1999년 12월 19일 (일)
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