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a decent sized city in Dutchess County in New York given a horrible reputation by people outside of Beacon. It is a historical site, and once was a center of industry in new york, particularly in the hat making business with the Mattewan family.
Today, it is surrounded by Fishkill and Newburgh, both much less desirable places to live. Most of the activity in the city takes place on Main Street, which runs from the Fishkill creek to Rt.9. the schools are small, but have a lot to be desired, such as a working security dept. there is quite a marijuana and tobacco smoking problem in the city, particularly of adolescents in the school system. These crackheads in training take one step outside of the schools and smoke right next to the schools property and police on stand by who wont do a damned thing about it.

Beacon has several nice areas, but you have to sift through the rest, like the riverfront and east main, which are horrible areas to be caught in.

all in all, if you can sift through the bullshit, Beacon is a pretty nice albeit underrated area in Dutchess County
non-beaconite-man, ive heard so much crap about Beacon. i dont see why anyone would live there!

beaconite- alot has changed since the 90's. beacon has changed alot and is a very nice place to live
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