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One of the fakest, fruitiest, wanna be gangsters who cruises hwy 100 in the dstall/hales corners area of wisconsin. He looks to be 12 years old but is just a teen who hasnt gone through puberty yet. He steals his moms car every night to try to look cool as a driver. On any given night, almost every night that is because he has no life or friends, you can find him leaning back in his old ass piece-O drop top cougar with around 60 horsepower. His backwards hat keeps him looking extra gay as he "hollers" at numerous girls and gets turned down and laughed at time after time. He becomes extremely angered when shot by an automatic airsoft uzi. He may chase people down, but has no skill to keep up ont he freeway so basically has to take shit from everyone. His pussnatch ass lives all the way out in pewaukee where he leads his secret life as a ghetto white boy hick. If u see the fag on highway, murk his wigger ass, please. And most importantly remember that he is and always will be a big ass flaming puss.
"Hey theres the 12 year old wigger turning around at the BP gas station. ROll down ur window i'm gonna spray that bitch up with my mac 11."

"Is that a little kid driving that car with ghetto clothes on? Na thats the 12 year old wigger, he stole his mom's car again from pewaukee."
the bidmaster가 작성 2005년 10월 09일 (일)
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