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An even wealthier suburb of Atlanta, smaller city/town of inside the city of Alpharetta, where the kids drive nicer cars than most adults and the adults don't drive, they are driven (or, just as often, the women drive H2's and the dads drive insanely small sports cars. Most guy teens choose to drive insanely large AMERICAN trucks for offroading and girl teens prefer more lexus/bmw/mercedes. Jeeps are also seen EVERYWHERE. Milton High School has everything from their preps to the stoners. Their school also looks like a college campus. No good places to chill, most of them end up at North Point Mall, fishing, off-roading, relaxing in Miltons fine houses with hot tubs/pool tables/pools/indoor movie theaters, and eating at all the good places. Chick-fil-a is the fast food of choice and the other popular spots are Taco-Mac, Jimmy Johns, and Menchies. They can definitely be stereotyped. White, rich, christian, and part redneck. Definitely southern, yet rich as hell and classy. If you've lived here all your life you know every backroad, GA400, and your way around the 3 White Columns/Crooked Creek like its your job. Everytime you decide to go anywhere, you might as well roll the windows down and blast your kicks 101.5, you'll also want to keep your hand out the window to say to all the people you'll pass, your going to know 75% of them. Careful you don't speed though, Milton po-po are EVERYWHERE. Hand out MIP's like candy. There's definitely no place like Milton :)
Milton, Georgia is pretty much the shit, alpharetta is definitely alpha-ghetto compared to this.
sweetsouthernbaby가 작성 2010년 06월 13일 (일)
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