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Carlsbad is a city in northern San Diego County, California. It is 81% White. It has many luxurious homes and pristine beaches for surfing. Aviara is a nice area with a golf course.

Carlsbad is a family area with many retirees and a few professionals.

Cal State San Marcos is nearby and a growing institution. It is supplying North County's economy with many jobs and qualified young people.

Many people commute south on I-5 to work in San Diego.
"Carlsbad-A great family-oriented community!"
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Birkenstock-wearing, latte sipping, tree-hugging, Mercedes Benz driving people.

99% of Marinites watched Al Gore's, "Inconvieniant Truth."
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It is the southern section of Orange County, California between Newport Beach and Irvine(to the north) and San Clemente(to the south). It is also called, The 949.

It's mostly master-planned communities with little income diversity.
"Dude one: I'm on my way to Doheny and Trestles..

Dude two: No way, South County! My rich Dad lives there!"
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The county-seat of Orange County, California. The census data shows approximately 330,000 people live in Santa Ana, but due to high illegal immigration problems we can estimate that it is much higher. Santa Ana is one of the most liberal cities in the county, It faces the worst gang problem, worst schools, and has one of the highest amount of apartment overcrowding in the United States.

In the 1960's, Santa Ana was primarily White. However, that has changed due to immigration and today the city is over 70% Mexican with very few Whites.

People who live in Santa Ana tend to have a lot of pride. While, 949's tend to blame Santa Ana for crime, language issues, and illegal immigration.
I live in Santa Ana.
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A great city of 60,000 people in Orange County, California. San Clemente is the southernmost city in OC before the Camp Pedleton Marine Base. It is known for excellent beaches, perfect year-round weather, families, surfing, bomb food, and Spanish Architecture.

1). Trestles is a famous surf break, located in San Clemente. Also, mentioned by The Beach Boys.

2). Talega is a huge development of new homes built on the eastside of I-5. It is very expensive, and has some great golfing.

3). The wooden pier in SC is a staple for San Clemente's idealic Southern Californian beach culture.

4.) Most of the city is built on a slope and around canyons, which are abound in San Clemente.

Overall, San Clemente is an excellent city for families who want to enjoy a safe and clean beach environment.
San Clemente is a great place to grow up!
skateNinvestNstocks가 작성 2007년 06월 16일 (토)
An area code in North Orange County which is shared by the communities of Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, and Anaheim.

South County is much whiter and richer; therefore more socially conservative. Both parts are fiscally conservative.
Dude one: Bro.. Can I get your number?

Dude two: Sure, It's 714-XXX-XXXX
skateNinvestNstocks가 작성 2007년 06월 16일 (토)
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