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emo sex is sex between two emo people. usually invoving alot more agnst then normal sex...people may think emos dont 'get much' but belive me they do...emos get alot of ass indeed.
this is ur tipical emo sex : emo girl walks in room and finds her emo boyfriend..."wanna have sex?" says the emo girl fliping her black hair to the side..."sure" says the emo boy...they start kissing and he takes out a condom the emo girl puts the condom on the emo boy... and sticks his cock in her...after they both cry...
screamo_luver가 작성 2009년 04월 07일 (화)
an emo girl is a girl who lisons to emo bands (like AFI and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE), wears emo outfits (like black hoodies and eyeliner with converse), and has emo hair (hair thats most likly short and choppy with long bangs over one eye dyed black), and has an emo-itional attitude.most emo girls are teenagers, emo girls dont only wear black but they wear black alot, emo girls also love watching emo boys make out and think its super sexy. whatever u do dont mix and emo girl with other labels she will get very mad keeping that in mind there's only probubly about 1 or 2 REAL emo girls in ur school. emo girls are also known for being shy and sensitive but not depressed ALL the time.
*emo girl with black hair over one eye lisoning to her i-pod walks into the room*
*preppy guy looks at her "whats with that girl shes wearing stripes and black and why is lisoning to music! noone lisons to music in there free time!"*
*other preppy guy "nothings wrong with her dude shes just emo thats all"*
screamo_luver가 작성 2009년 04월 04일 (토)
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